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About Our Static Security Guards

We offer well-trained static security officers to businesses of all types to provide the best protection, ensuring  their safety and peace of mind at all times. Our static security guards are available 24/7. Our licensed and experienced guards makes sure that your business, property, goods, and staff are secure.

We have supplied manned guarding and static security to businesses for over a decade, from construction sites to retail environments and warehouses. Get in touch today for a free and tailored quote.

Why Hire Static Guarding?

Static security guards work to protect various areas of your business and carry out many actions to keep a business safe. This can include the following:
  • Monitor entry and exit points to provide access control
  • Conduct regular site checks and routinely patrol areas
  • Monitor CCTV footage to ensure all areas are safe

Along with these vital tasks, static guards work as an extremely effective visual deterrent to protect against criminal activity. Having static guarding in place hugely decreases the chence of criminals attempting to enter the site. This is important at night when staff levels drop and sites are left vulnerable. Our static guard services are the most effective as they work hard to keep your business safe.

With each business, comes different security needs and threats. This is why we know how important it is to use a tailored approach to protecting a business. Our team of experts are able to help put in place the right security cover for your needs, such as advising on the best type of static guarding cover and amount of static security officers needed.