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Reliable Security for Construction Sites


The plant and equipment used on construction sites is often very valuable, as is the fuel that many construction vehicles use. Consequently, they are common targets for thieves. What’s more, many of these costly assets may have to be left overnight, on sites that may be remote, unattended and protected only by temporary fencing. The result, unsurprisingly, is that construction sites are witnessing a marked increase in criminal activity.

The insurer Allianz Cornhill has estimated that theft and vandalism cost the construction industry around £800 million per year. That’s a huge figure, but a great many of those losses could be prevented by assigning security guards to protect active sites.

An Experienced Construction Site Security Company

As one of the UK’s top construction site security companies, we provide a comprehensive range of services. Examples include:

  • Site security patrols
  • Perimeter checks
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Rapid response

We’re also happy to create bespoke security packages, combining multiple staff and monitoring systems, to meet the needs of especially large, complex or demanding construction sites.

In short, we’re able to meet virtually any challenge, offering affordable solutions to potentially expensive problems. Our skilled teams have a wealth of experience and will implement site security solutions to ensure that your construction projects are completed on time and on budget.

24/7 Remote Monitoring

A further site security option is our Tower Guard system , a 360⁰ mobile CCTV tower that provides round-the-clock security coverage for your construction site. The CCTV feed can be monitored constantly from a remote security centre, where staff can sound an alert if they detect any suspicious activity.

A monitoring station may have access to lighting controls, site alarms or even on-site public address systems, which it can use to sound an alert and ward off potential intruders. The system works even more effectively when there is also a security team on site, because then operatives can take the alert call and respond immediately.

In either case, CCTV can play an important role in deterring intrusion and responding promptly to criminal actions that might otherwise lead to expensive damage, theft or other losses.

Benefits of Tower Guard:

  • It’s equipped with industry-leading technology, enabling effective detection even in low light
  • It permits faster responses by security guards
  • It has a strong deterrent effect on any would-be thief or vandal
  • With a smart charging system, the tower can run for up to 6 weeks, so it does not incur high costs for regular maintenance
  • Tower Guard can be installed quickly in virtually all terrains, and without the need for expensive infrastructure such as power, broadband and lighting. It provides an affordable, semi-permanent security solution for your site.

Construction Site Security Services, UK-Wide

Our expert security guards are available to support clients and construction sites throughout Britain. Our headquarters are in Greater Manchester in the North West of England but we serve clients everywhere from Scotland to the South Coast. These companies include well known building, housing and civil engineering companies, so we’re used to working on a wide variety of sites and projects.

If you’d like us to help you find better ways to protect your sites, premises, plant and equipment, please ask us about our construction site security services today.