How to Install Wi-Fi Signal Boosters

September 5, 2023 admin Comments Off

It’s essential that your WiFi signal travels from one room to the next, whether you’re streaming a video in the cellar or following a video tutorial to install laminate flooring. To eliminate WiFi dead zones, and also to increase your internet speed you will require an WiFi signal booster or extender.

WiFi signal boosters (also called wireless range extenders) take the weak signal from Wi-Fi and increase its strength before broadcasting it to other areas. This process increases the WiFi network’s coverage and lets users connect to the internet without consuming their data plans or losing connection.

A powerline Wi -Fi extender is the most common type of WiFi boost. It utilizes the electrical wiring of your home in order to rebroadcast your WiFi signal and improve the speed of your internet. Installing it is easy and quick. Simply plug it into an electrical outlet close to your router or wherever you require an additional boost in WiFi.

There are a myriad of WiFi signal boosters that differ in design size, range, and the power of amplification. Some of them have the wall plug or a desktop design, while others are more substantial and come with stronger external antennas that can boost WiFi signal in multiple rooms. Additionally some devices can act as both a extender and a repeater. You should choose the model which best meets your requirements. Whichever model you select, you’ll need to put it in an open space far from appliances or walls which could impact its performance.